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What is your dom's best dominant quality?

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I have been thinking on this one for a little while. Sir has many qualities that make him not only an excellent Dom, but an amazing person. If I have to pick his best DOMINANT quality, it would have to be his consistency. The dictionary defines consistency as “steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc”. As my Dom, Sir always makes decisions concerning our D/s dynamic carefully, then sticks to them. His actions always reflect his words, sometimes frustratingly so. I know beyond a doubt what Sir expects of me, and I know what the repercussions will be when I fall short of those expectations. I know what to expect of him, and I know he will not disappoint me. His consistency in our relationship fosters a strong bond of trust between us that allows our D/s dynamic to thrive no matter what life throws at us.

Beautiful! Vital.

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